How to Use Governance Online Meetings

Governance Online Meetings come in many different formats, but the most important to the success of a governance meeting is that participants can communicate with each other in the same way as the case if they were in real life. This includes sharing screens, video and voice calls, and allowing instant questions and responses. It also means that anyone is able to be removed from the meeting at any time should their behavior be disruptive or incongruous, and should Data Security receive an immediate email with an explanation of the decision taken.

It is crucial that the chairperson or presiding officer of the meeting ensures that the meeting on the right track. Ideal governance meetings should have an exact agenda and time limits for each item. This will ensure that the statutory guidelines for governance meetings are followed, and if the governance meeting is being scrutinized by an external party then it’s likely that they’ll seek evidence of these standards.

In an ideal world, meetings for governance would be scheduled every week. However this isn’t always feasible for all teams. It is best to schedule the first couple of meetings close to each other (especially when you are still getting started with Roles) however, you can schedule meetings less frequently when your team is accustomed to working in Roles.

It can also be beneficial to hold short check in calls between the governance meetings. This will keep the team connected, and provide people with an opportunity to address their concerns or ask questions. It’s also a great opportunity to build stronger relationships amongst the senior leadership team.